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Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 Runway Show: Libertine


       Fall 2014 fashion show. Libertine once again showed its strong point in prints and fabric combinations. The strongest pieces were created with wool and there wasn't one look that didn't have a pop of color. Most of the models rocked a colorful tight and sock combination that linked many looks together, and the ones that lacked the combo were perfectly organized to not look like outliers. I LOVED how every look had a coat, because I have recently become obsessed with trench coats. The Fall look here had a theme of many layers (as Libertine is known for) and the entire show had very warm pieces. Once again, the prints were all matched so well and the colors were amazing!! I wish I owned clothes like this. I have recently gotten into dressed in nudes and blacks, but seeing this collection gives me the urge to lather myself in pops of color and put patches all over my jackets! Enjoy some of my favorites!


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