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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Man's Primer on Spring/Summer

Here's an outline for things to wear this spring/summer. Do note that it doesn't really appeal to any particular fashion style; the things listed here are just about as simple as it gets. It's just a way for you to build a foundation that you can play with from there.

And with that said...

Shirts -  Change things up a bit with some seasonal patterns like gingham and madras. They look
best nice and comfy with the top button unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled a third of the way up your arm. You could even go the short sleeve button up route which is much more lenient with the top button rule and often comes in much more exciting and youthful designs. Shirt fit generally looks best when the shoulder seams meet at the end or a little over the end of your clavicle. You also can't go wrong with t-shirts and polos, just make sure they fit nicely.

Check out: American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, Everlane, J Crew,  Uniqlo

Pants - Unless you like wearing jeans in the heat, it's best you just put them away. Consider flat front
chinos in your typical earthy colors, or if you're feeling brave, play around with something brighter and more colorful (think Southern prep). If it's really hot where you're at, look into pants with lighter-weight fabrics like poplin or linen.

Check out: Bonobos, Dockers, Epaulet, Gap, J Crew, Unis, Uniqlo

Shorts - Shorts look best when they have a slim leg opening and have the inseam end a few inches
above your knee. It may seem strange, but covering a third of your leg will actually make you look more proportional and will accentuate the shape of your body more. In contrast, wearing shorts that end at your knee or beyond will make your legs look shorter and/or skinnier. 7" inseams are the sweet spot for shorts, but if you are on the taller side then feel free to bump up to a 9" inseam.

Check out: J Crew, Patagonia, Uniqlo

Shoes -

Camp Mocs - Camp Mocs are a great addition to your wardrobe and actually work for three seasons
out of the year. They look like boat shoes, but they actually have a single eyelet laced through the vamp instead of a double-flap lacing (you can also wear them with socks which is a plus).

Check out: LL Bean, Oak Street Bootmakers, Quoddy, Rancourt 

Espadrilles - Espadrilles are casual flats with a rope sole and a canvas upper. They originated as
peasant wear some four thousand years ago, but have now become a spring and summer staple in France and Spain. Espadrilles are decently cheap and aren't particularly popular stateside, making these bad boys a unique and fun alternative to what you may normally wear in the sunny weather.

Check out: Soludos, Ropeysoles

Plimsolls - The ubiquitous canvas sneakers. It's hard to go wrong with plimsolls. It doesn't matter if
you get Jack Purcells or Keds, plimsolls are a classic and timeless style that have been worn by hot shots like Steve McQueen and friendly neighbors like Mr. Rogers. Not much else really needs to be said.

Check out: Converse, Keds, SeaVees, Superga, Tretorns, Vans

- Chris

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thrift Store Reviews!

Post by Gianna


Cost- How cheep are the clothes? The more hearts the better price.
Searching- How much do you have to search for a good find? The more hearts the less you have to search.
Leaving- How often do I actually leave with goods? The more hearts the more times I do.

Amvets Thrift Store
3441 Sutherland St
San Diego, CA 92110



Amvets (shhhh) is like a little self secret, many people have never heard of it. The location of the stores are in very odd and far away places and as for the clothes themselves there is no real "theme" to them, its all very random. As for the cost I gave it 4 hearts. The prices are incredibly cheep, everything is about $1-5 unless you start getting into the nicer materials. Also they always have sales going on normally with 50% off certain tags. The downfall about this place however, is the amount of searching you have to do to find a unique good quality item, hence the 2 hearts. However if you are in a shopping mood or dedicated to find a good deal then you will have no problem leaving with lots and lots of items. I gave leaving 5 hearts because I have never failed to leave the store without buying something. 
(Another added bonus about shopping here is that all the proceeds go to our troops!)

629 S Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA

(760) 632-6880



The minute you walk in this rockin vintage boutique you will want 
to hope you can find everything in your size! Home sells great
quality vintage items along with some of their out brand tee's. It
is the only review I gave 5 hearts to only because i am in love with
virtually every piece they have in the store. Again, however,
with great clothing comes higher prices. I gave cost 2 hearts
because everything in the store is also not cheep, although
I do give them a lot of credit for making many items reasonably
priced making my leaving a score of 2 hearts for I occasionally
leave with a purchase.  

2871 University Ave,
 San Diego, CA 92104

Hunt and Gather


Hunt and Gather is a very tiny vintage boutique that also sells its own brand
clothing. All the items are slightly pricey but considering how greatly made
each product is I defiantly think its worth it. The clothing here is interesting
for each piece is really special in its own way yet it can still be worn in a generic way. 
By this I mean many of the pieces there aren't crazy clothes but simple designs with
a twist. So you don't have to go out of your way to try to make it fit in your wardrobe.
I haven't been to this store too often so I can't be very exact about my leaving rating,
but even with the high prices I do normally leave with something. This is a really
cute tiny boutique, defiantly worth checking out!

4121 Park Blvd

San Diego, CA
Frock You

Frock You


Go to their website and sign up for their news letter 

O.K. So for this store I am only reviewing it by their 50% giant sale that they hold once
a month along with other venders. So I greatly suggest signing up for their news
letter (Link above) so you know when that is. When there is no sale going on the
prices are just too high. With the 50% off it makes things more reasonable. Frock You
is a vintage boutique that has always new inventory and great finds. I gave the cost
3 hearts only beacause some items can be a little pricey especially if its from
other vendors but if your are a bargainer like I am then it should be no problem!
This store also requires you to do a little searching but I normally purchase some 
really cool items which is why leaving gets 3 hearts.

Buffalo exchange

  • 3862 5th Ave
  • b/t Robinson Ave & 
  • University Ave in Hillcrest

Buffalo Exchange 


Buffalo Exchange is defiantly a well-known thrift store that sells a variety of clothing
and other goods. I think the prices there are also a little pricey, so i gave it 3.5 hearts. 
I also gave searching 3 hearts because even though there have a lot of great hidden
goodies you do have to do some looking. Even though half the time they don't accept the
clothes I try to sell them -_- I normally leave with a few items, so leaving gets
3 hearts. This is also a great store to find some awesome shoes for their variety
is awesome.


1954 Hwy. 62 East
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Phone: 870-424-8888



Flashbacks is a great blast in the past with having most of their clothing be from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. It's great for looking for a really unique find that is garnered to be an eye catcher! Flashbacks has really hip and cool clothes so once you walk in the store you will have no problem falling in love, however nothing here comes cheep. All the pricses are relatively high also due to the fact that most of their products come in great shape and top quality materials. Due to the prices being so high I gave "leaving" 2 hearts. Its always hard for me to commit to a purchase that empties my wallet so I normally leave the store with nothing. 

Post by Gianna


Wanna buy a handmade choker?

Iris and I (Gaby) started a little business called Luna Laces!We're selling chokers and necklaces for pretty cheap! There are tattoo chokers  and the star rope necklaces and so so many more! There will be more styles soon, these are our first designs out.
 The black tattoo chokers have a knot in the back, and are stretchy enough to fit over your head (like if you were putting on a crown, then pull it down to your neck) and the rope necklaces have little clasps in the back! 
you can buy them from us!
Our website: http://www.lunalacesstore.tictail.com 
Our instagram: Lunalaces

They make outfits look a lot more put together, and add a cute 90's touch. You can literally wear them with anything. T-shirts, dresses, crop tops... anything. You can even wear the tattoo choker swimming if you wanted to! I personally have a little silver one with tiny little white beads on it, a black tattoo choker, and a star rope necklace. We are working on a lot more designs!! We're really excited about Luna Laces! Go get ya self a choker!


The Her Soundtrack

Though I have failed to see the movie 'Her' so far, I have not failed to listen to the entire soundtrack at least 20 times. It is beautifully composed to be soft, emotional and just great music. I love it so much. The internet has 2 different tracks so I have provided both. 'The Moon Song' is by far my favorite listen. Enjoy!

Arcade Fire Soundtrack

Sleep Walker -- 0:00
Milk & Honey -- 3:12
Loneliness (Night Talking) -- 4:42
Divorce Papers -- 8:10
Morning Talk/Supersymmetry - 11:28
Some Other Place -- 15:40
Song on the Beach -- 19:20
Loneliness (Other People's Letters) -- 22:57
Owl -- 24:20
Photograph -- 26:21
Milk & Honey (Alan Watts & 641) -- 28:50
We're All Leaving -- 32:10
Dimensions -- 34:36

Spike Jonze's Soundtrack 

"Off You" The Breeders
"When You Know You're Gonna Die" Arcade Fire
"Cleopatra in New York (Zim Zam Mix)" Nickodemus
"Alien Child" Will Collins
"Super Symmetry" Arcade Fire
"Magnesium" N.A.S.A.
"I'm So Glad" Entrance
"The Moon Song" Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix
"Racing Turtles" Barrie Gledden, Tim Reilly and Jason Pedder
"8 Bit Disco No. 3" Philip Guyler
"Need Your Love So Bad" Little Willie John
"Sure of Love" The Chantels
"Dimensions" Arcade Fire
"The Moon Song" Karen O.


Mini Post!

New item up on Nova and Cher. It's that cutie hat from the last shoot with Olivia. It is super adorable and looks a lot like the hat that Zoe Benson wears from American Horror story. Check it outtt at Nova and Cher.

so cutedamn that circle shape


Friday, March 28, 2014

Pics, or it didn't happen

Enjoy these old pictures taken by my parents! (Inspired by Gaby)

1964, my mom

1970, Holland

1981, Ibiza

1981, Ibiza

1981, Holland


1981, Holland

1981, Paris

1981, Paris

1983, Ibiza

1983, Ibiza

1983, my hip father

1983, Holland

1984, Holland, my favorite picture of my parents

1987, Monaco

1988, cactus!!! (collective)

1988, Grand Canyon

1988, Grand Canyon

1989, San Francisco

1989, San Francisco

1989, San Francisco

1989, San Francisco

1991, Harvard

1991, Switzerland

1991, Switzerland

1991, Switzerland

1991, Switzerland

1991, Switzerland

1992, Italy

1991, Switzerland

1988, Yosemite



I have many more pictures like these so let me know if you want to see more! -Iris

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nova and Cher shoot

Nova and Cher Shoot 
with Olivia

Time for another shoot! Liv here is wearing our original Pizza tee and our original Shut Up tee. She is also sporting our Red Checkered Flannel around her waist and a new black hat soon to be in stock. What do you guys think of it? Enjoy!

Reblog the photos on tumblr! http://novaandcher.tumblr.com/