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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Wanna buy a handmade choker?

Iris and I (Gaby) started a little business called Luna Laces!We're selling chokers and necklaces for pretty cheap! There are tattoo chokers  and the star rope necklaces and so so many more! There will be more styles soon, these are our first designs out.
 The black tattoo chokers have a knot in the back, and are stretchy enough to fit over your head (like if you were putting on a crown, then pull it down to your neck) and the rope necklaces have little clasps in the back! 
you can buy them from us!
Our website: http://www.lunalacesstore.tictail.com 
Our instagram: Lunalaces

They make outfits look a lot more put together, and add a cute 90's touch. You can literally wear them with anything. T-shirts, dresses, crop tops... anything. You can even wear the tattoo choker swimming if you wanted to! I personally have a little silver one with tiny little white beads on it, a black tattoo choker, and a star rope necklace. We are working on a lot more designs!! We're really excited about Luna Laces! Go get ya self a choker!


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