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Monday, December 9, 2013


First post weee!

hey rad people! Welcome to da blog! I'm Gaby! 
This is my first post so i hope you like it!

Skirt- Urban Outfitters
I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it in the store. 
(sorry I don't have a super close up) It's a gorgeous maroon color
 with orange little flowers, and a stretchy waistband. I didn't even have to
 try it on before I bought it, i just grabbed it and bought it.
 It was about 40$ bucks, so pretty expensive but oh well, I wear it a lot.
It fits perfectly and is the perfect length with my crop tops!

Crop top- Adidas
This crop top is actually my moms (oops!) It's adidas, 
and has white stripes going down the sides, and a little adidas
emblem on the chest. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to 
use it as a work out top, but it was too cute and fit perfectly 
to pass up!
Shoes- H&M
Ok sorry i suck and couldn't find a better shot of my shoes. 
They look just like dr.Martens though, and I just had some basic mid calf
socks on from marshall's underneath. I love love love these shoes! 
They look a lot like the real Doc's, but they were only 30$!! I pretty much cried 
when i saw them. My jewelry is all gifts from my friends, but I have on
a little golden starfish bracelet that is from my friend Ali that i'm in love with!
btw this picture is from instagram that's why it's all edited!
Socks- Urban Outfitters

ok so I wanted to add that I also could add socks
 and a jacket to this outfit for when it's colder out.
Thigh high sox are like my absolute favorite way to spice
up skirts and dresses right now, I wear them wayyyy too much! 
These are just plain back with little brown buttons on the sides!

Jacket- brother???
waheyy last pic! Ok so my jacket is actually
 just a shirt for 13 year old boys. I stole it from my brother and I 
wear it like a jacket all the time. It has such a nice structure 
but at the same time it looks super worn and faded. I love it
so so so much! The color with my maroon skirt
is super fall-ish and to die for!

What's your favorite piece and how would you style it in a different way? Let me know!