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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lookbook- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

       First Post Hope You Guys Like It!

Hello Everyone and welcome!

Im starting off with an older Lookbook of mine. Here I am wearing the crazy 7 inch Freda eye black heals by Jeffery Campbell that I bought off of Solestruck. My "diaper" shorts came from a thrift store called Hunt and Gather (Definitely making a post about that later ugh such a good store). I joke they are diaper shorts because it's true, they are literally a diaper, oh god im going to make a video to show you guys they are not actually like shorts but more of the pattern of shorts that no one sewed together so u have to tie them, its confusing. Finally my bag and shirt are from my online store novaandcher.tictail.com. The shirt is one of 3 custom made shirts with original designs u can find on the website. Check us out! 

PINK= The Product
BLUE= The Store I got the product
PURPLE= A link

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