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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Video Blog

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yay! We also have a youtube channel that we just started that you should check out! Please watch our first vlog and tell us what you think! Thanks!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Artist of the Week: Cristina Triufa

                  After one look at Cristina Troufa's art, I knew that she was an artist to remember. With her bold colors and large negative space, Cristina creates captivating art, that explores topics like state of mind, reincarnation and death. Painting to her is therapy. It is a form of medicine that allows her to express her emotions and questions onto paper. Cristina says that her work is about herself through many times of her life at once. Ultimately, the self portraits are her questions to the meaning of life. Each piece is extremely unique, yet it is clear that they all belong to Cristina's signature style. Enjoy!

Cristina Truifa's Information:

Referenced articles- http://cristina-troufa.blogspot.com/


Long sleeves make any outfit ready for winter!

Cold Weather? Doesn't matter!

With the weather getting colder it's time to bust out the sweaters and scarves, but you can still wear the same outfits with the power of long sleeves! BEHOLD! I'm tired of people thinking that just because the weather is getting colder that you can no longer wear your dresses and short sleeve tops anymore. You can! Below I have four pictures that show outfits that I normally wear in the summer. I added long sleeves so I could stay warm. Of course I would wear a jacket over them and with some outfits I add leggings. With long sleeves you can still wear your summer clothes comfortably in the cold. 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Artist of the Week: Pat Perry

       Pat Perry is an American artist who spends most of his time drawing, sketching, and painting. He is constantly documenting the world he lives in through his photographs, journal entries, and sketchbook pieces. Perry's art proves to always have a deep and pensive theme. In an interview conducted by Justin Cooper, Perry described his art as a long track of digestion rather than a form of medicine. He said that his work allows him to take in the world around him, and to absorb all the elements which he documents in his drawings. Pat Perry's art is distinctive. At a glance it is easy to see his signature style of fine lines and distinct detail. I have always had an interest in his art because not only is it extremely aesthetically pleasing, but I know that all his work has meaning behind it. Every piece is a message, and  its up to the beholder to interpret it. 

Pat Perry's Information:

Referenced articles- http://justinsamcooper.tumblr.com/post/66897420860/artist-interview-pat-perry


Lookbook- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

       First Post Hope You Guys Like It!

Hello Everyone and welcome!

Im starting off with an older Lookbook of mine. Here I am wearing the crazy 7 inch Freda eye black heals by Jeffery Campbell that I bought off of Solestruck. My "diaper" shorts came from a thrift store called Hunt and Gather (Definitely making a post about that later ugh such a good store). I joke they are diaper shorts because it's true, they are literally a diaper, oh god im going to make a video to show you guys they are not actually like shorts but more of the pattern of shorts that no one sewed together so u have to tie them, its confusing. Finally my bag and shirt are from my online store novaandcher.tictail.com. The shirt is one of 3 custom made shirts with original designs u can find on the website. Check us out! 

PINK= The Product
BLUE= The Store I got the product
PURPLE= A link

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cactus Collective Banners

Cactus Collective has banners that you can put on your blogs! The html is compatible with most blog sites such as blogger or tumblr.
    You can see the banners codes here or on the Banner tab.

    All these banners can change in size and are transparent. And don't worry if you're not a code wiz,    
    because there are 2 options to choose from, one that's simple, and one more complicated. Enjoy!

Simple Code
Code with placement index

                   Simple Code
                   Code with placement index


First post weee!

hey rad people! Welcome to da blog! I'm Gaby! 
This is my first post so i hope you like it!

Skirt- Urban Outfitters
I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it in the store. 
(sorry I don't have a super close up) It's a gorgeous maroon color
 with orange little flowers, and a stretchy waistband. I didn't even have to
 try it on before I bought it, i just grabbed it and bought it.
 It was about 40$ bucks, so pretty expensive but oh well, I wear it a lot.
It fits perfectly and is the perfect length with my crop tops!

Crop top- Adidas
This crop top is actually my moms (oops!) It's adidas, 
and has white stripes going down the sides, and a little adidas
emblem on the chest. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to 
use it as a work out top, but it was too cute and fit perfectly 
to pass up!
Shoes- H&M
Ok sorry i suck and couldn't find a better shot of my shoes. 
They look just like dr.Martens though, and I just had some basic mid calf
socks on from marshall's underneath. I love love love these shoes! 
They look a lot like the real Doc's, but they were only 30$!! I pretty much cried 
when i saw them. My jewelry is all gifts from my friends, but I have on
a little golden starfish bracelet that is from my friend Ali that i'm in love with!
btw this picture is from instagram that's why it's all edited!
Socks- Urban Outfitters

ok so I wanted to add that I also could add socks
 and a jacket to this outfit for when it's colder out.
Thigh high sox are like my absolute favorite way to spice
up skirts and dresses right now, I wear them wayyyy too much! 
These are just plain back with little brown buttons on the sides!

Jacket- brother???
waheyy last pic! Ok so my jacket is actually
 just a shirt for 13 year old boys. I stole it from my brother and I 
wear it like a jacket all the time. It has such a nice structure 
but at the same time it looks super worn and faded. I love it
so so so much! The color with my maroon skirt
is super fall-ish and to die for!

What's your favorite piece and how would you style it in a different way? Let me know!