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Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Shoot

MORE shoots! Below we have Julia wearing our Nova and Cher Paradise tee and pink and white flower crown.  
The shirt and the flower crown (also comes in more colors) can be found on our website!- http://novaandcher.tictail.com/products/originals

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Man's Primer on Boots

Good boots are expensive. So expensive that it might seem more appealing to buy a cheaper pair that look like the pair you want.

Don't do that.

You, whoever you are, are a beautiful human being and you deserve a luscious pair of boots that will last you until the end of time. Don't skimp out on a nice pair of boots, because you are worth it. Y'feel.

Anyway, I could talk about different kinds of leathers and soles, but boots make me giddy so let's just get straight to it.

Boots to consider...

Alden Indy ($499) - Alden is a New England based shoe company that makes handcrafted boots and
dress shoes. The 405 model, or the Indy, is perhaps their most popular boot. If you've ever seen Indiana Jones, then you may recognize that these bad boys have been donned by Harrison Ford on the silver screen. Keep in mind that while Alden is a dress bootmaker, Indy's are primarily meant to be worn casually. 


Oakstreet Bootmakers Trench Boot ($426) - Oakstreet is a shoe company based in Chicago (shouts
out to Liv and Gigi) that makes their shoes out of Horween Chromexcel leather. Buttery. The OSB Trench Boots have a sleek profile and are a great alternative to other work boots out there if you're not fond of the chunky aesthetic.

Red Wing [Heritage Line] ($330) - Red Wing is a shoe company that focuses mainly on work boots.
Y'know, for mining and logging and stuff. I'd like to focus your attention on their Heritage Line. The Heritage Line is their more fashion-oriented selection that pays homage to the classic American workboot style. The most notable boots from this selection are the Beckman's, the Iron Ranger's, and the Moc Toe's. These shoes aren't meant to be dressed up. These are beefy beauties that look better the more beat up and worn out they are.

RM Williams ($495) -  The. Chelsea. Boot. These are the real deal (and they're whole cut!). Chelsea's
have an elastic cuff that make them easy to put on and comfortable to wear. They are incredibly versatile to wear and translate better than most boots when it comes to treading into dressier territory. They are definitely a more unique boot worth looking into.

Wolverine [1000 Mile] ($350) - The 1000 Mile line is to Wolverine what the Heritage Line is to Red
Wing. Classic, rugged work boots. This also means that the only thing really worth looking at Wolverine-wise is the 1000 Mile line. Still, that does not take away from how clean, mean, and lean these boots are. These are a slightly dressier alternative to Red Wings.

- Chris

Amazing Google Map Places

       Yes, another Google Maps post! I was really excited to do another post like this because I have just fallen in love with exploring on the app. Here are more cool places that you can click around and explore!

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
+40° 46’ 50.28”, -73° 57’ 48.00”

2. Smokey Road
-27° 56’ 28.29”, +24° 47’ 1.68”  

3. Japan Tree Garden


4. Engineering College in India  



Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nova and Cher Shoot

Nova & Cher Shoot

Time for another shoot! Below we have our own Cactus Collective member Olivia wearing our Nova and Cher Shut Up tee. The shirt works great as a nicely fit casual tee or you can dress it up with some heels. The simple black skirt is from a friend and the shoes are Jeffery Campbell. 
Shirt can be found on our website!- http://novaandcher.tictail.com/products/originals


Friday, April 11, 2014

Mini Post: Lookbook

New lookbook up on our page! You can check it out here- 

Gigi and I went shopping a few days ago and fell in love with a few items. First is an American Apparel Babydoll dress. This dress is super cute, and most of all, comfy. I have been wanting one for at least a year now so I'm so happy that we finally have one in our wardrobe! Another item I have been dying for is Black Juju Jellies! They are currently at American Apparel for around $45! That's a very good price. I like the black heel ones because they are easy to walk in and go with any outfit. The tights and socks are from Urban outfitters. Both were in the sale section and both were $5! Such a good deal because the tights have a fuzzy warm inside. Lastly, the purse is from Nova and Cher. I love how it provides a pop of color into the outfit. Very cute! 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coachella Bound Goodies!!

            Week one of Coachella starts today! Unfortunately I, nor any other cactus collective blogger, can make it to the music festival. Nonetheless, I have decided to make a Coachella packing guide for those who have the great opportunity to go. Here are some essential goodies to bring if you make it to week two! 

Have a great time at Coachella!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Big Bad Buffalo: 'American' Album Release

'American' is Big Bad Buffalo's first full length album release. Consisting of three multitalented dudes (Alex Staninger, Silvio Damone, Jordan Krimston), the band has created a true work of art. Influenced by many local artists, this album really reflects the tunes that surround and inspire them. Here is a link to their album.

Jordan Krimston described to me that "We were influenced by a big range of bands from Weezer to Paper Mice and everything inbetween. We are also inspired by some local bands and musicians like Weatherbox, Meraki, Rob Crow, and Peru 4 U.

< Album art by Alex Staninger and Hannah Goodrich

"We were in and out of the studio over the course of a year because we had very little income at our disposal," Krimston said. "Some of the parts on the album we were recorded in early 2014 and some parts were recorded in early early 2013." Photo credit to Sarah Linton.^

In my opinion, this new release is rocks. Supporting local artists/musicians like Big Bad Buffalo is an important part to keeping this rad music around. In a culture consumed with consuming, it is important to remember that some young people are creating some  truly incredible things.
^ Photo credit to Sammy Katz.

If you live in San Diego, their album release show is this Friday at the Stronghold. Here is the link to the event.

Here are some links to further check them out:

BBB Facebook
BBB Bandcamp
BBB Tumblr
BBB Instagram
BBB SoundCloud