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Thursday, January 8, 2015

All about them jellies


Sorry this picture doesn't show my outfit very well! My shirt is a pink blush crop top from Brandy Melville. They don't sell it online anymore but I found it here. My light wash denim skirt is from LF but it's basically the same as this one! I got my clear jellies at this random little store in London for like 15 pounds. I found them here for super cheap and the original JuJu ones can be found here

How to style: Glitter Jellies

Jellies are hard to style. Which is weird because they are clear so you can wear socks to make them any color you want, but I find them harder to style than solid colored ones. I was sorta scared and nervous when I got my glittery clear ones. I honestly thought I would never wear them but I got them anyways because they were so cute! I thought I wouldn't be able to pull them off, but honestly, you can pull anything off if you wear it with confidence.

I think clear jellies look awesome with denim. Denim is always the answer yooooo, especially light wash denim!! So you could pair them with a denim skirt, or denim jacket (pictured to the right) or denim dress! In the pictures below, the girl with the pink hair wears them with a denim dress and black sheer tights. The picture on the right features Kylie Jenner wearing her jellies with a denim dress and cute socks. They look great with frilly socks like these as well.

 How to Style: Solid Colored Jellies

These are easier to style in my opinion. Honestly they go with basically everything especially if you're getting them in black or white. They can be worn with an edgy, girly, spunky, funky (basically anything) outfit. In the photo to the left, she's wearing her jellies with super basic pieces that I bet you already have in your closet! So just pull out a basic tee and jeans and you're good to go. 

The photo to the right features a girl wearing them in a girlier way. She's just wearing them with a floral romper and I bet you already have a floral skirt or dress! Moral of the story is to buy a pair because they go with everything!! 

SO basically I made this post to bring jellies back because I feel like I haven't seen people wearing them lately! So buy them :) Thanks for reading!!

Iris xx