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Monday, February 24, 2014

American Apparel Post

    American Apparel has been an obsession of mine since I ever found out about it about three-four years ago. Although it is expensive, I thrive in the secret sales, and spend when I save up birthday money. I like how the store consists of many basics, and then has a variety of very unique originals. All the clothes are very well made and extremely clean cut. I know that the owner of American Apparel has some bad rep, but to hold a grudge against the store hurts many people such as the employees, designers, sewers, and even fabric providers. The store mostly has positive support towards woman rights, gay rights, labor rights, and many other privileges commonly ignored. I recently got a gift card and have been on the site wayyyy to much. I hate window shopping, especially online, but with this store I must make the exception because I just can't help myself! For this post, I just though I would highlight some of my favorite clothes and outfits from American Apparel that I am dying to have!  

       Plaid Tennis Skirt                        Fuzzy Cropped Sweater                 Acid Wash Easy Jean
             $65.00                                         $65.00                                     $80.00


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