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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cool Vintage Pictures

Hey guys, so today I'm making a post about old pictures they're all pretty much old family photos, but I picked them out because they had something cool or different about them and I wanted to share them with you.

 This first one is just a snowy day
probably in Nevada because that's where my
mom lived. This photo is really sad looking to me and seems really desolate with all the dead trees and what not. Here in California its like 75 degrees, so we don't really get winters. It's cool to look at and I thought it was overall just a pretty picture. By the way, I know the quality is bad, all these pictures are from the 80's or older so that's why.

 This picture is my mom and my uncle at the beach visiting San Diego (ironically) and I love how it looks, how their body language looks so happy and free, and I also love how the picture got  little discolored on one half, because it looks like this filter that they offer on this app called afterlight. I just think it's funny because it already looks like that. They're aged about 11 and 13 here.
 I thought this one was funny. It's my dad. My mom told me that it was a really hot day and He was trying to get as much sun as possible. So he rolled up his sleeves. The next picture is from the same day it's just of my mom. I like how they go together so well, even though it's the same day, it's a different perspective yet the coloring is so similar and I like it.

 So this is my mom with a napkin on her head. I laughed when I saw this because it's so like her to do that. She lifeguarded a lot when she was younger so she felt like she got too much sun and didn't want to over do it. She loves being outside, but just not getting sun burnt. So she was trying to cover her face from the hot rays.

 I love this picture so much, It's so cool. I love how its all this blank space and then in the corner there's these two people holding each other so tightly that you can't even see their faces. I don't even know who these people are. Neither did my mom. But i like that about it. They just look really really passionately embracing, or like they are trying to hide from something. I also like how their hair is like the same color and they are also wearing the same color. It's one of my favorites.
This photo is another of my favorites. I made it as big as possible so that you guys could see it more clearly. This one actually is younger than the 80's this is probably 1999 because I look about 2 years old. This is my mom and I in a cafe. The whole family was there but I guess this was just a candid shot. My mom looks insanely worried and I have no idea about what, she probably was talking or something and the camera just caught her face like that. So I am drinking something and looking right at the camera, I loved being photographed, that and hats were my favorite things. Something sort of creepy about this picture is that if you look behind us, it looks like there is a ghost old woman sitting in the chair behind us. My mom pointed that out to me and at first I thought it might have been a reflection of my grandma, but my grandma was the one taking my picture and my dad and grandpa were the ones  sitting across from me. In the real life picture you can see that the woman looks like she has glasses on, and my grandma didn't even wear glasses until about a year ago. I'm sure it's just a reflection somehow, but I thought it was cool and creepy to show you.

 This next picture is sort of random, but I liked my mom's sunglasses, and I think it's always cool to see how my parents looked when they were younger. This was on some hiking trip when they were in college, i think she said.

This picture is my mom and dad at an airport. I just like the picture a lot and thought that they look tired, but really cute at the same time. I also liked the cup my mom was holding and how it stands out so much from the dark colors around her. 

So this one is my grandma, (mom's mom) here with their Model A. It's a really old car and they bought it in the 70's. If you look closely you can see the Ford insignia on the spare tire. Apparently it was insanely hard to drive and the only one that could do it properly was my grandpa.

This picture is of my parents again. I think they were on some island. They traveled a ton before they had kids I'm so jealous. Anyways I have no idea specifically where they were, but I thought it was a cool picture.

This picture is so funny, it's my grandma with a cat in her hood. Not much explaining needed, except that this was taken in the mid 60's probably.

 This last picture is pretty cool. It's dark and depressing and it's a picture of some waterfall. I have no idea which but I just thought it was a rad pic yo.

Hope you guys enjoyed these old pictures, congrats if you made it this far!


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