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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Illustrator: Dominic Kesterton

Hello friends, I just wanted to share an artist with you that I am personally inspired by. Dominic Kesterton is a talented musician and illustrator from Edinburgh, Scotland. I first heard a about this talented dude through a link to his Bandcamp that a friend sent to me a few months back. After being stunned by his beautifully technical music Zefs Chasing Cara, I was given a comic of his and couldn't help but me enchanted by his use of bold patterns to represent things so illusive. The comic Hoss Bay was simply about a coastal settlement that is home to a workforce of seaweed pickers. I thought it was so neat how he was able to make such a simplistic idea so bold and beautiful. He mainly creates prints and comics that convey bizarre worlds - but they all have such a distinct style. This guy is mega talented, and I really urge you to go check out his music and illustrations. Truly, you won't regret it.

Here is the link to his Bandcamp. 
Zefs Chasing Cara



Inspire and enjoy everyday.



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