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Friday, February 14, 2014

Artist of the Week: Hana Haley

                      So recently I have fallen in love with a new photographer. Her name is Hana Haley. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Hana now lives in San Francisco where she studies acting, filmmaking, and works as a fashion photographer. Having a sweet tooth for everything vintage, she finds herself having a passion for film cameras and retro fashion. All of Hana's photos are unique and beautifully original. She describes her art as 'stray lashes that have fallen loose from my lids to exist somewhere else. They are secrets I’ve let slip out.' Every photograph either looks gorgeously candid or planned with a huge amount of care and thought. I have personally become slightly obsessed because I admire her old fashioned shooting style. Her photos are both nostalgic and new. I basically took a photo from every one of her collections so if you like them check out her website and facebook!! Enjoy!

Hana Haley’s Information:

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