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Friday, February 28, 2014

Upcoming Spring Clothing Essentials

Hats are really fun to wear right now, and can completely change the look of your outfit. For example, I'm wearing a halter top and a denim looking cotton skirt. If you add the sun hat you look much more put together and like you tried a lot harder than you did. You might feel like a farmer but hey, at least you look cute.



High Ponytails     
Whenever I put my hair up it's in this high pony tail. I love it because it gets my hair out of my face, but it looks really girly and effortless.

Lace and Denim shirts
Textures are in! I mixed my black crochet/lace top with a denim skirt, and my friend Sam has a light denim dress on. It looks breezy and fun for spring!

Bright lip colors 
Recently i've gotten more into lip colors. If it isn't warm enough where you live for spring-y clothing, at least you can incorporate some color with a fun lip!

(please ignore my weird faces) 

Sorry that was so quick, this week is super busy for me! I hope you enjoyed!


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