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Thursday, January 16, 2014


         Hey guys, today i'm gonna talk to you about socks. I love socks. Socks are great. Let me tell you about socks.

         I particularly like these kinds of socks, btw this is not me in my underwear. These socks are great because they elongate your legs and are like leg blankets for those cold days when you still want to wear shorts/dresses/skirts. Basically, they're a great transition piece for winter, because you can add them to your summer staples and it keeps you warm and adds a whole different look to it. Plus, like in this picture, if you don't wanna wear pants but still want to keep your legs warm, thigh high socks are the perfect solution!

Here are some more cool socks (all of these are from free
people btw) These are more like mid-calf socks, which are like my 2nd most worn kind of sock.They look really cute with ankle boots and these ones are particularly pretty because of the crochet (?) detailing.I feel like they're almost too pretty to wear shoes with, and I would just wear them around the house.

These are pretty much knee high socks, in this picture they look really cute, but just plain knee high socks remind me of soccer socks. I say go hard (thigh high) or go home. Just kidding, but knee high socks just aren't my favorite because they always fall down because they aren't long enough to hold onto your knees, and they just end up gathered around my calfs like a sock monkey or something. To be honest though they look really cute here all wrinkled up, with a dress they might work really well!

Here are some more thigh high socks that I really love. I've been on the hunt for a t-shirt dress. (It's exactly what it sounds like) I feel like it would look really cute with some thigh high socks and boots. Sort of like this picture, but with the boots. I like how it's baggy on top and then tighter (because of the socks) on the legs so you don't lose your shape. I found some perfect t-shirt dresses @ UO (urban outfitters) but they're like 40$ and I just don't wanna spend that much when H&M will probably have them in a few weeks for like 15$.
These are really cute lacy-looking socks. They definitely take me back to 1st-3rd grade but they make any shoe look so much prettier and girlier. Ah know that i'm thinking about it, these might actually be my 2nd favorite type of socks because they just look so cute with boots and dresses. You can't not feel like a little fairy when you're wearing these! I have some like this except in black and I love them to death. Iris got them for me bc she knows i love mah socks. I really love them and wear them with boots all the time.  If you saw my first post you'll see that I have these doc marten type of knock off shoes from H&M. They look so cute with these because they are sort of conventionally "man" shoes, so wearing these socks with them helps a lot to bring back the girliness!

Thanks for reading guys!


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