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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oil Slick Nails

Hey Everybody!
Today I'm going to do a post about a certain nail
polish that I recently received as a christmas gift
from my friend Sam. (She's in my Vlog) As soon as I saw it, i got so so excited because I had seen it at target,but I couldn't buy it because I didn't have any money with me. So it's called "For the twill of it" by Essie. They describe it as a rich brown with reflective green colors, but i would say that it is more of a dark gunmetal grey with purple and green reflective-ness. It's not like it has just some green and purple sparkles in it, no kids, its way cooler than that. It actually reflects the light in different colors. It looks like an oil slick almost, and i've seen a lot of shoes with this sort of design/sheen on them. I personally like the oil slick trend, it sort of grew on me. The colors are just really pretty.
 If I would ever buy shoes with the color, I would wear them with some black socks and a black dress, just really anything neutral, i think it would look sick. I really like wearing this nail polish because it follows the trend, with out going all out and buying some shoes like this, which I sadly cannot afford.

Here's another picture of the color, it doesn't really do it justice in this picture, but it's all chipped on
 my nails right now, and so I just searched for a picture online and this came up! I overall think it's a really original color and I plan on wearing it all the time!

Alright so, tonight i'm going to my school's winter formal, and I thought you guys might want to see what i'm wearing, I think that Liv is going to do this too, so it will be fun to see both of our outfits!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you guys next time!


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