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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Room Inspo w/Plants!

 Hey everybody! So today i'm going to make a post about cute room decorations, I've recently gotten into decorating my room a lot more, even though it's mostly just ideas and not actually doing anything..oops. Anyway, I thought I would just show you guys these room decorations that I've been obsessed with recently. They're cute little simple, pretty things that honestly would compliment any room.

           This first one is a little terrarium. (All of these are from Urban Outfitters) it doesn't come with the decorations inside of it, but if you go to Micheals i'm positive that they'll have fake moss and any kind of cute little trinkets you would want to put in it. I like it because it's like the vibe of a fish tank, but without the fish and water of course. It just adds a really cool look and is a creative shape. Plus you can change out the stuff that you put in it to match the season or your room theme.

This next one is such a cute idea I love it so much! It would be insanely easy to do on your own so I don't recommend actually purchasing it, when you can go and get some little test tubes like these from the container store or any store where sell trinkets/furniture.  It 's just a little test tube case with flowers stuck in, I would love to put some fresh daisies and dandelions from my backyard, with a little water in the bottom to keep it fresher, and then keeping them by my window. And then afterwards I would press them into pretty little pressed flowers with this flower press that I have. I guess it would just be a really nice touch, and i love the idea because test tubes and flowers are never seen together, and I like the contrast of that.

This next decoration thing is supposed to look like a fire escape, with plants all over it. I love succulents  and cacti (could you guess) and so i thought it was such a neat cute idea that I almost bought it. And then I realized that it was over $100 and sadly, I would rather not. I love how it looks like they are crowding over and growing out,and it reminds me of my family's apartment in paris. It used to be a painter's workshop/apartment, and you can eat on the roof and see the Panthéon, (it's literally a street over). It has these HUGE windows with a gorgeous view, and you can climb this ladder to a little garden. I honestly wish I live there year round, but we try to go every summer. We're super lucky to have that in the family. After that long ramble, basically the point I was trying to make was that it seems very city-like, what with how people put out little plants on their balconies and all over their roofs.  The apartment is the top in the building (no elevator so it's 8 flights of stairs!) so you can see everyone's plants and vegetation that they put in their homes and I love it so much! When I go back this summer I will do daily posts with what I do, and put a lot of pictures! Sorry this post was so off topic but I just got really excited for what's coming up! Anyways I hope you got some inspiration and enjoy the blog! Let us know what you want to see next and i'll talk to you cacti later!


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