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Friday, June 27, 2014

Traveling Essentials

Hello, I hope you're having an awesome summer! As I'm leaving for Europe next week, I thought I would share some traveling essentials with ya. I'm going to London, Holland and all around Italy! These are items (I think) that are often forgotten but I know they'll be super helpful whilst I'm there.

This may be an obvious one but I feel like it'd be super easy to forget. You don't normally think about charging your electronics and if there will be an outlet available because you just assume they'll be available ya feel ( In case you're curious, I got this one)

Reusable Water Bottle
Super important! You have to stay hydrated especially in foreign countries because your body is adapting to the time zone and weather. In Europe, water is hella expensive so bringing one of these will be very helpful. There may be public water fountains but you should do research on where you're going to see if you can drink from the fossett. (PS I like Camelbak and Contigo water bottles)

Fanny pack
You might think they're lame but let's be real , people will be able to tell you're a tourist anyways. A cross body purse is also a practical option, but someone could still tug at it and take things. A backpack may be a little risky as well since you can't see what's going on behind you. I just think the safest and least risky thing to take is a fanny pack but just take a small backpack or small purse if you aren't down for a fanny pack. ( BTW there are cute fanny packs!! Like these ones)

Even if you're going to Hawaii or Venice, it's always a good idea to bring an umbrella. You never know!! There can be tropical rainstorms or sudden showers. It's always good to look at the weather of the places you'll be traveling to anyways.

Disposable Camera
I don't really feel comfortable lugging around my big and bulky Canon camera in Europe. I constantly worry about it and I'm always so paranoid I'll lose it or someone will steal it. It's just unpractical and annoying to carry around. Soooo I think a disposable camera is a great idea!! I know you won't have the pictures electronically but there's something special about holding the pictures instead of looking at them on a screen. And you can always scan the pictures too. If you loose it, it wouldn't suck that bad as they're only about $3-$10.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something out of it! I know all of these are pretty obvious but I came close to forgetting them so I wanted to prevent that from happening to anyone else. 

-Iris xx

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