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Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to Make a Triangle Banner

Recently I have severely gotten into doing DIY projects. They are a great way to take a break from every day stressors, unwind with some top quality 'me' time, and in the end you have something finished and tangible that YOU made! In this post I will show you how to make a triangle banner that you can put on the walls of your room, living room, hell it would even look great in the bathroom! Super easy, and looks so fantastic in the end you'll be proud to say 'Where did I get it? Oh no, I made it'. Lets get started!

What you'll need:
- Leather (or any fabric)
- X-acto Knife (or scissors)
- String
- Pen
- Tacks
- A Ruler (a book in my case)
- A needle

Step 1- Mark the bottom center of your fabric 

This mark is simply used to guide you towards the center bottom of your triangle when you cut the fabric. Another step you can do is draw out the other two lines if you want a perfect triangle shape every time. I did this for the first banner I made, however, for the second one I found that I got pretty close to perfect without the trace.

Step 2- Cut out the triangles 

This is where you will use that dot you made as a point of reference. Line up your ruler towards the dot and the end of your fabric. Then simply cut down. Do this as many times as you please till you have a good amount of triangles. This is the longest and most redundant task so I recommend that by now you should put on some nice tunes to zone out to. (Make sure you have something to cut on if you choose to use an x-acto knife over scissors. This is because no matter how careful you are, the surface below will get destroyed. A notebook works, or even better a cutting board.)

Step 3- String them together 

Here you need to string your needle and begin lining all the triangles together. You can decide whether you want your string to be behind or in front of the triangles (in the end of this post I have examples of both). For this banner I decided to put the string in front of the triangles because the string was colorful and it was fun to have it pop through.

Step 4- Wrap the string ends around the tacks 

You can tie the string in a knot or just wrap it around a ton of times. Secure it to that tack!

Step 5- Hang that beauty up and admire your work

Ahhh! Look at it. So pretty. You have completed your banner! Put it above your bed, in the kitchen, make your house have that pop of color it needs! Super fun and looks great. Find some scrap fabric around the house and get creating!


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