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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Runway: Atelier Versace Fall 2015 Couture

Earlier this month (on the 5th) Versace has their Fall 2015 Couture runway. Knowing from past shows and steady stream of outgoing collections (to say the least), many people expected the pop and bam look of a casual Versace look. However, the looks were more laid back, had a lot of movement, and looked almost like they came out of a Free People catalogue. Donatella Versace stated that she wanted to show the other side of Versace, the softer side. I think they did just that, and a great job to them!
The color pallet of this collection was a mix of soft pastels and nudes, while another half was with with vibrant greens, yellows, and pinks. It keeps one on their toes as they go from look to look, not knowing what to expect after the last.
A consistent theme that was in the show was what I can describe as 'boho 70's' styling. No edge was left un-frayed and a there was never lack of go-go boots throughout the show. Skin was shown, flowers were everywhere, and the makeup was even as elegant as the gowns.
Altogether, the show was very beautiful, and a great risk that Versace took. Now, if only these dresses were in my price range...

Photos: courtesy of Valentino and Style.com

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